In Her Eyes: Rougarou Chronicles Novella

(Rougarou Novella Chronicles Book 1) 

Published Nov 4, 2016

Available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback

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In their eyes the world looks hopeful and uncertain.

For one hope to escape the confines of her old life and finally be herself, comes when she is able to attend college miles away from a psycho step brother that left her soul damaged. Little does she know being herself comes with more secrets that may just obliterate her already shattered world.

For another, stepping up as Alpha of the Acadian Pack has him plagued with uncertainty about his ability to live up to his father’s expectations and carry on his family legacy. How can he lead a pack when he’s struggling to pass his Business classes that his father requested he take in order to prepare him for the task? The one that can bring him peace and confidence about his future role is his true mate but claiming her might be his downfall instead of his saving grace.

Unknown to them is a force is at play that will draw them together or tear them a part.

Now they must put their dreams and fears aside to learn to trust each other. Together they need to fight for their future together or risk being torn apart forever.

Kindle ~  $2.99 or free on KU

Paperback~ $5.50


Debut Collective Anthologies (Against All Odds Book 5) by Debut Collective 

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Kindle ~ $2.99

Paperback ~ $12.99

5 books, 5 themes – 15 stories in each. Writers, new and experienced, coming together to make a series of anthologies. All imagination. All volunteer.



Ever in the After: Lift4Autism Charity Anthology


NY Times, USA Today and Bestselling authors present….Ever in the After, a lift4autism charity anthology. In Ever in the After, 13 authors come together to explore fantastical realms full of supernatural creatures, dark intrigue, and spells that may-or may not-be curses. A must-have fantasy collection full of surprises, secrets, and strong teenagers who know what they need to do to succeed in these mystical realities. Melle Amade, The Ending Miracle Austin, The Hatch J.A. Culican, Jericho Madeline Dyer, The Curse of the Winged Wight Jessica Hawke, Family Traditions Alaina Hebert, Ever in the After Elizabetta Holcomb, The Anatomy of a Host Stephanie Keyes, Into the Garden Christopher D. Morgan, Galeon Prime Mandy Peterson, Double Back Charmer Alice Rachel, High Ground Cadence Rae, In Her Eyes Jaqueline E. Smith, Instinct


Kindle ~$2.99 or free on KU

Paperback ~  $17.99