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Ok so there’s this legend about werewolves. Now depending on who you ask, you will get different versions of the name of the creature and the way the legend goes. Many call it either Rougarou or Loupgarou. Both refer to what most of us call a werewolf. One version is where the older Cajun generations tell the younger ones that the rougarou will get them if they are disobedient; much similar to the way other parents use the boogieman to scare their children in to behaving properly. There are some Catholic Cajun families that will also spin the legend into a punishment for not following Lent rules. This creature is described as having a human body and wolf or dog head. Also, each folklore tale has a different way you are turned into one of these creatures and for how long. They are said to be found in the swampy areas and the Greater New Orleans area. I once heard a few tales trickled down the bayou from New Orleans that a witch can turn herself into one or curse someone into becoming something of the Lycan nature. Growing up in such a unique culture filled with a variety of folklore and legends, you tend to pass them off as just that, tales. People see and hear strange things so they make up tales to explain it or they make it up for the fun of scaring others with their tale weaving skills or to keep little kids in line. I admit they are pretty cool to hear and study but do I believe in any of them, haha yeah right! There is no werewolves, vampires, ghost, lycan, rougarou, loupgarou, alligatorman, Santa, boogieman, cauchemar ,lochness monster, bigfoot, abominable snowman, or any other crazy monster our minds can conjure up, despite what our ancestors would have us believe through folklore and legends.

I was wrong, so so wrong. As if, finding out my boyfriend aka mate was a werewolf, and an Alpha or soon to be one wasn’t strange enough, no things had to get stranger. Such is my life I guess. C’est la vie!

The story goes, that in the late 1800’s there was this cruel plantation owner living just outside of New Orleans. He wasn’t a very faithful husband, and often times when the itch to be with a woman came about, it was late night after a night of debauchery and social partying and his wife was too tired to do anything but sleep. He found himself visiting his slave women often but what he didn’t know was there was a high voodoo priestess among his slaves that he crossed one night during one of his late night escapades among the slaves. When she became pregnant she demanded he claim the child as his own, especially since the child was so light skinned. He refused of course. He cared not for any slave or any child of a slave whether he created it or not. The high voodoo priestess had heard long ago of a curse to turn men into werewolves. So one evening on a full moon she cursed this man and all plantation owners and their families within the outskirts of New Orleans, to live forever as what was deemed, rougarou. Not only that, but also their children could only be conceived with a creole wife or the children would be born with the same cruelty as the first cursed man. Being the men they were, none would look past their prejudices to break the curse. Generations past all the same, each rougarou only married woman of pure French blood. So it was said they roamed along the swamps near New Orleans and even along the Atchafalaya Basin killing any poor soul brave enough to be there after dark. If you were attacked and lived, you became rougarou under the curse. Now during the day rougarou returned to their human self and their secret was pasted on to the generations as folklore, just a story to explain unexplainable deaths that seemed to accumulate closer to the full moon every month.

But one man was born with a kind heart who did not judge someone according to their skin color or ancestry, he judged the heart. This was the time right after Louisiana became a fully intergraded society and schools were finally desegregated, in the early 1970’s. Drake fell in love with Rosetta the minute he saw her walk into his high school. He didn’t care she had light brown skin or that people were still against interracial relationships, even though slave owners committed atrocities for generations against slave women, creating creole babies and then sweeping these secrets under the rug. Yes, they were hypocrites but Drake didn’t see the world in black and white, he saw it in beautiful colors mixed together to create a masterpiece of a diverse society. Not knowing the story of how rougarou became about, only that when he turned 18 he would turn into one as his father and his grandfather had before him. He inadvertently broke the curse that made rougarou cruel and heartless, and became like other werewolves who coexisted with humans and only harming them out of self-defense or defense of a loved one. When Drake and Rosetta graduated, married, and had a child straight out of high school, his parents were concerned he would hurt his new bride and new born son, Marcus, before he learned to control his changes and aggression during the full moon. But Drake was almost 19 when his father started to question his calm demeanor, even during the full moons, so Drake went in search of the real story of how the rougarou came about. He met a woman in Jackson Square, a self-proclaimed oracle, who told him how the curse came about and how it was said to be broken. Apparently there was said to be ten families under the original curse and each had to be broken by one of their own family members to be freed. Drake knew many of them because they were his close friends, so he went to them and explain the curse and how to break it. Some broke it in that generation and a few more were broken by their children in the next generation. By the time Marcus turned 18 yrs old, all but 2 families had broken the curse and the 8 that did became a regular wolf pack appointing Marcus the Alpha since his father was the one who first broke the curse.


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